Tell Your Mezuzah Story Here!

My name is Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines and I am the Rav of Ohr Somayach Sandton, an outreach community in Johannesburg, South Africa

I am presently writing a book entitled The Mezuzah Handbook: a Pictorial Guide that will answer many of the questions people have about the hows and whys of this precious Mitzvah.

Tell Me Your Story!

I am crowd-sourcing stories – inspiring and heartwarming, incredible and meaningful, personal and communal – about mezuzah. I will post many on this site and some will even be incorporated in the book, which should be published world-wide around Chanukah time.

You can write your story in the contact form below. Don’t worry if you are not a great author; just tell the story in your natural style and I will edit it and send it back to you by email for your approval or tweaking.

You can mention your name and/or te names of the other people in the story or  choose to preserve anonymity. Please keep it positive and clean from any potential lashon hara complications.

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